Carbon Black Is Where It’s At!


LÓreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black is the best drugstore mascara out there. It’s a black as black can get and makes your lashes so full and gorgeous that they look fake! The wand is your standard mascara wand but it seems to be more densely packed than other mascaras which helps get the product deep into the lashes and dispersed evenly.  Continue reading


What Is the Deal With BB Creams?


BB Cream is the new craze in skincare. At first glance this cream looks like a moisturizer but has similar properties of a light coverage foundation. I can’t say that this is the best product for evening out your skin tone or covering blemishes but on days where you want to wear little makeup or during the scorching summer, this is a perfect alternative to heavy liquid foundation.  Continue reading

Fake Tan in A Pan Without Looking Like Snooki


Bronzer XL All Over Glow is another gem from Milani! Everyone needs a little warmth and this gigantic bronzer duo gives off the perfect amount of color that will take you from pale and drab to tan and fab. Of all of Milani’s bronzers this one is the one that gives off the most natural look. Years ago I purchased their Tantasic Face and Body Bronzer and it was a big fat fail. It was way too metallic for day wear and I really can’t picture anyone pulling it off in the evening either. It was overly shimmery and impossible to blend out. Continue reading

Foundation with Sparkles?


Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation is a product that I have been eyeing for a couple of years. I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading reviews and watching YouTube videos to figure out whether or not this foundation was right for me. It is described as a foundation that gives you “poreless, airbrushed skin in any light” that uses Photocromatic pigments that “bend and reflect light to erase every flaw” which translates to: this foundation has itty bitty sparkles in it that will make you look super hot but a little glittery. Continue reading

And Now For My Next Trick…

Almay Smart Shade

Almay’s Smart Shade concealer has to be one of the strangest products that I have ever used. It’s a concealer that had to have been created by Houdini or Criss Angel or something because it starts off one shade and magically changes into a shade that matches your skin almost perfectly! How it does this, I do not know. It probably isn’t rocket science but I chose to continue thinking it’s some super awesome magic trick and will remain dazzled each and every time I use it. Continue reading

The Ultimate Multitasker


Milani was one of the first makeup brands that I ever tried when I was just getting started with makeup. They have just about everything you can think of at decent prices. Some of my favorite Milani products are their individual eye shadows, the Crystal Glosses (a little sticky but are great for the most part. Plus, you can’t beat $5 gloss!) and last but certainly not least, The Multitasker Face Powder. Milani’s website describes the face powder as a “luxurious, velvet-soft face powder, specially formulated to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect light to medium coverage” and that ain’t no lie! Continue reading